One of our favorite pastimes is creating original work set in Little Falls for our community. It celebrates the history of our city, pulls people together, makes them think and laugh. Angela Harris has done that.img_5467

She has created a series of plays that all involve Mac Blac, Little Falls’ only professional problem solver, and his adventures solving problems for the good folk of Little Falls. No problem is too trite for Mac. With clever interior monologues, grit, and an assistant with the best legs “this side of Schenectady,” Mac entertains audiences across the city. 

It all started with Where’s the Cheese?, written for the Little Falls Cheese Festival, then Harris quickly wrote Where’s the Cat? and Where’s the Big Cheese?. Dubbed “an existential interlude,” Where’s the Script? is the next installment, and plans for another Cheese Fest show are in the works.

For a recording of our latest installment, “Where’s the Script?”, please click the following links: