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The Brass Lantern is the first original podcast created by A.G. Devitt and LiFT. Inspired by old-time radio drama and the pulp serials of the past, in The Brass Lantern we are privy to a world with pulp style and modern conflict, brown fedoras and Starbucks, old slang and new-age hipsters. Intrigue? Check. Damsels? You betcha. Violence? Gratuitous.


With a cast and crew of local talent from upstate New York, we are proud to say everything about this podcast is original. We write, edit, make funny voices, record, and do post-production. Everything is done by us, and we are pleased to bring this new venture to our community.

Welcome to a world where rampant crime can only be stopped by…The Brass Lantern.

You can find the show below, or on Spreaker, iTunes,  Sound Cloud, and YouTube. Give it a listen!

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