For LiFT’s Summer Shakespeare production of The Tempest we have a great mix of new faces and old mainstays, new actors and experienced, young people and old, this cast is surely going to be dynamic! Announcing the cast of The Tempest:

  • Prospero – Kim Darling
  • Miranda – Sarah Ahles
  • Ariel – Sarah Sagatis 
  • Caliban – Josh Eckard 
  • Alonso – Chris Avis
  • Ferdinand – Tucker Lester
  • Antonio – Christina Carroll
  • Sebastian – Alix Stolzer
  • Gonzalo – Cynthia Quackenbush 
  • Stephano – Matt Trombley 
  • Trinculo – Jason Belisle 
  • Francisco – Tom Malley
  • Boatswain – Tom Malley 

Congratulations to our players! There are many other things (like costumes, music, and props) that we need help with. So if you, or anyone you know is interested, have them contact us through the website or the Facebook page. 

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